Alsbeth wants to dominate you in new RIFT Patch 1.1 trailer

Patch 1.1 is just a day away, and Trion Worlds is building up the tension with a new teaser trailer featuring the main villainess and all-around dominatrix, Alsbeth the Discordant.

The self-proclaimed Queen of the Endless Court seductively threatens us with fates worse than death, she plans to:

  • dominate our minds,
  • command our weak flesh,
  • tear our souls away,
  • feed us to the almighty Devourer,
  • turn us into an eternal undead, and
  • let us be consumed in the Void

None of those sound particularly pleasant, so be sure to fight tooth and nail to defeat her in the new River of Souls 20-man raid coming in Patch 1.1. End-game raiders should earn their Tier gear and purchase auction house epics with RIFT Platinum to have the best shot at clearing the dungeon and looting the rare Spectral Horse mount.

Aside from showing Gaurath the skeleton dragon boss in the video above, Trion Worlds also provided high-res screenshots of the raid environment, including colossal fight scenes with players engaged in battle against two Alsbeth lieutenants.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough—see you in the Patch 1.1 world event tomorrow!