Win 25 trial keys in first RIFT guild contest

Do you run a guild in RIFT? Do you have friends desperate to join you in Telara but unable to pony up the cash?

If you said yes to both, then hurry and join the first ever RIFT guild contest! Community manager Elrar is collecting guild stories and will reward select lucky participants with 25 use trial keys for a future preview event.

“To help you continue to grow your legacy and establish yourselves in RIFT, we are inviting all guild leaders to submit their tales. Following the instructions below will enter you into our new Guild Spotlight program. We will select a guild from time to time and publish their story,” Elrar said in the contest announcement at the official forums.

Prize details

Trion Worlds said all entries, whether picked for publishing or not, will get an equal chance to win the 25 use trial keys. Details for the preview event will be announced at a future date, but we imagine it could be on the scale of the River of Souls world event introducing Patch 1.1.

Many RIFT players have been clamoring for a free trial program so their family and friends can try out the game, so this comes as great news. Winners can also hand out the trial keys to former guildmates still playing other MMOs so they can visit Telara and see what they’ve been missing out on.

Contest rules

Joining the RIFT guild contest is simple enough, just follow the contest rules below:

  1. Only entries submitted by Guild Leaders will qualify
  2. Stories should be e-mailed to [email protected]
  3. Include the following details:
    • Guild Name
    • Server
    • Guild Leader character name
    • Brief summary of your guild’s history, mission, or any experiences you feel help highlight the spirit of your members (no word limit set)

If you do win the free trial keys, be sure to stock up on RIFT Platinum so your visiting family and friends can gear up fast and ride mounts as soon as they are in game, ensuring their first trip to Telara is memorable and grind-free.