More RIFT Platinum for Patch 1.1 – “INVASION” Bonus Coupon Extended!

You asked for it!

Due to popular demand and shard-wide need for the cheapest RIFT Platinum, EpicToon has extended its bonus Plat coupon promo until next week, April 4, giving you more time to stock up for Patch 1.1.

Leveling up and clearing dungeons becomes a breeze when you buy RIFT Platinum, for every order of 50 or more RIFT Platinum, you will get 5 bonus Platinum when you enter the “INVASION” coupon code at the checkout page.

Use the coupon as many times as you want to gear up for the fight against Alsbeth and her newly unleashed undead army. Patch 1.1 challenges you with a new River of Souls 20-man end-game raid, so be sure to supplement your Tier gear with auction-bought epics for surefire success.

The rewards for repelling the invaders are more than worth it: Hundreds of event-wide loot drops, a shapeshifting costume and the spooky Spectral Horse mount shown above can all be yours!

Don’t wait until everyone else has cleared the content. Stock is good across all servers, so order now.

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