RIFT 1.1 class balance questions answered

With the next major patch RIFT 1.1 rolling out new content on March 30, community team poster “Sweet” addressed some burning questions about the class buffs and nerfs about to hit the game.


  • Warrior souls will see their ranged attack cooldowns reduced by a third, allowing for more consistent ranged damage. This buff, together with a planned audit of PvE boss encounter mechanics will ensure melee characters have options and aren’t overly punished for being close-combat fighters.


  • Saboteurs, who have been destructive PvP killing machines straight out of the gate, will see their bomb-enhancing ability Charge Booster tweaked to bring down their damage to more reasonable levels.
  • Reavers will get reduced speed and overall healing in line with other tanks, but their trademark mass threat generation will remain intact.
  • Group healing of Bards, Chloromancers and Justicars will be lowered, specifically their passive and secondary healing effects when part of larger raids (i.e. rift invasions, rift raids, raid dungeons)
  • Void Knights and Dominators will have slower mana drains

These changes are not yet final and could be altered at any time, but it wouldn’t hurt to stock up on RIFT Platinum so that when the buffs and nerfs do come a knockin’, you’re ready to purchase new gear that get the most out of your recalibrated spec.

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