RIFT Free or RIFT Friendly? Choose Your Badge Now!

If you needed further proof that the rivalry between World of Warcraft and RIFT is heating up, then look no further than this tiny graphic here:

Reala from clickthelightwell.blogspot.com created this controversial badge for WoW bloggers, forum posters and fans who want to show their support for Blizzard’s behemoth. It also serves as a reprimand to WoW bloggers who talk more about Telara than Azeroth in their posts.

While this might not be an outright declaration of war, this is further proof that RIFT is making a noticeable impact on the WoW fanbase. There’s an unmistakably defensive tone here, like a rallying call for all WoW loyalists to keep all talk of RIFT off their turf.

Now, we at EpicToon happen to think there’s room enough for both games. We love WoW, and we love RIFT, so why choose between the two? What we don’t like is folks bashing RIFT just because it’s worthy competition for WoW. We thought it would be cool to make a badge of our own that RIFT players can wear with pride as signatures on forums, embed in their blog posts, and distribute on Facebook and Twitter to show their support.

We present EpicToon’s RIFT-Friendly badge:


Also, here’s a piece of HTML code that you can easily insert into your sigs:

<a href=”/blog/category/rift-plat/” title=”RIFT FRIENDLY ZONE by EpicToon.com”><img src=”/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/rift_badge_03242011.png” alt=”RIFT FRIENDLY ZONE by EpicToon.com” title=”RIFT FRIENDLY ZONE by EpicToon.com” style=”border:none;” /></a>