Doomsday World Event hits RIFT March 30 – Prepare Now!

Regulos consort and necromantic sorceress, Alsbeth the Discordant will plunge Telara into absolute chaos on March 30, as RIFT experiences its first worldwide conflict event – complete with new unique items and a 20-man raid zone.

Trion Worlds announced today that Alsbeth will lead massive invasions across every zone on all servers in a monumental battle between Telarans and the Plane of Death. All players from level 1 to 50 can join in on the RIFT 1.1 action. Lowbies will have to defend towns while end-game raiders will get to challenge Alsbeth herself in the River of Souls 20-man raid zone.

Victory against these massive undead hordes will earn players exclusive item rewards like the Spectral Horse mount and “a transmogrifying disguise” that turns Ascended into the rotting undead.

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