RIFT: Resub or not? The EpicToon Verdict

You’ve had a month to explore RIFT, and with your free play time coming to an end, you may be asking yourself, “should I resub, or not?”

Considering all we’ve seen since launch, from excellent developer support to dynamic game content, EpicToon thinks the only reasonable answer is a firm, “Yes”. For those in doubt, we’ve compiled six reasons you should stick around.

1. Smooth launch means topnotch planning

Game-crippling bugs and server crashes were few and far in between, and all content up to level 50 was available from the get-go. This shows that there’s high level of planning and coordination being poured into the game. We expect only consistent and smooth patch rollouts from here on in.

The biggest obstacle we observed was the lack of servers as thousands of players simultaneously logged into the game on day one, but this was immediately remedied as Trion doubled the number of available servers the next day.

Other MMO’s on the horizon, like Star Wars: the Old Republic and Guild Wars 2 would do well to follow RIFT’s lead in this regard..

2. Trion Worlds is a people pleaser

Unlike some developers who seem too cool to bend to the whims of their subscribers, Trion Worlds has so far shown a willingness to deliver what their subscribers need and want, often exceeding expectations with the speed at which content and fixes are delivered.

For example, the first major Patch 1.01 rolled out hundreds of big fixes plus new content just nine days after launch, definitely the quickest we’ve seen in recent years. Security updates like the Coin Lock feature and two-factor authentication are also being roled out to thwart hackers.

Popular features like a Looking for Group tool are confirmed to be in the pipeline, with full-scale RvR being considered as well. Developers have made it a point to keep communication open and candid, and are always on hand to clear up confusion on any particular issues.

3. Fun, flexible gameplay

Two standout features in RIFT—the rift invasions and soul class system—allow for fun, flexible gameplay.

Monotonous questing seen in most other MMO’s is broken up with zone-wide rift invasions that require team ups with members of your own faction, leading to new unlikely friendships being formed instead of the insular guild-centric approach of other MMOs.

The soul class system promotes dabbling in other callings and soul combinations so that you won’t have to start from scratch to check out a spec. The ease of shifting into new roles allows everyone to work well in a group, having played each other’s tank or healer class not too long ago.

4. It’s the cheapest among the best

A quick survey of the AAA subscription MMOs reveals that RIFT has one of the most affordable subscription packages around.

The Founder’s Subscriptions plans, which end in a week, can lower payments to merely $10 a month. Even if you miss out on this discount, there are normal subscription plans that lock in the monthly fee to $11 a month. Compare that to the fixed $14-15 price on other games.

5. Has a healthy population and rabid fans

Tons of people have signed up for the six-month Founder’s plan, meaning you won’t have to worry about the game suffering from the problems associated with a low population. If you’ve been burned before by an MMO that had great initial numbers which dwindled as the months passed, you can relax—RIFT is poised to find the Holy Grail of all MMO’s… retention.

6. Battle the Blood Storm dragons

There’s a reason why dragons are a mainstay in all fantasy MMOs. They are grand, majestic and frankly, more than a little awesome. RIFT has six of them competing for world domination and destruction.

So far only Greenscale the Primeval, dragon of the Life plane, has been made available as a raid boss and he has crushed many a team. Regulos and the rest are scheduled to appear in future updates. So if you want to down all six and be truly deserving of the title Ascended hero, then sit tight and gear up with RIFT Platinum while waiting for their eventual arrival.