Coin Lock feature is found effective against RIFT account hackers

In a security update over the weekend, RIFT executive producer Scott Hartsman said the newly activated Coin Lock feature in combination with a login vulnerability fix has so far reduced the amount of account compromises in the game.

“Both the login fix and the Coin Lock addition have been doing their part in significantly reducing overall incidents over the last 18 hours. Neither one is a silver bullet, but so far it is looking to be a solid one-two punch,” he said.

Mr. Hartsman reassured players that the login vulnerability was a “very subtle bug” that did not cause any theft of personal information from the servers. He also felt confident that security will improve even more with the arrival of the two-factor authenticator, which will either be a mobile or app variety according to previous interviews.

The executive producer also said additional staff hiring is underway at Trion Worlds, implying that these new employees will “help people with issues of all kinds.”

Currently, customer service is swamped with requests to reimburse stolen RIFT Platinum and gear.

Mr. Hartsman insisted that most hacking attempts come from botnets trying account/password combinations, and that the Coin Lock feature has been designed to defend against this method specifically.

For the best possible protection, both RIFT password and email password should be complex (ideally with lowercase, uppercase and numerical characters) and different from each other.