New RIFT Lore and Survival Tips: Silverwood Zone

Trion Worlds released some new RIFT lore detailing the history and current predicament of Silverwood, the second major questing zone for new Guardian players.

Silverwood Under Siege

Silverwood is a wooded forest that is home to the ancient Elves and long protected by the elite House Aelfwar. Due to the affinity of Elves for magic, Silverwood also houses Quicksilver College, the greatest school of magic in the world of Telara.

But the glory days of Silverwood are long over. The Elves who swore to be wardens of its sacred grounds have split into two camps—the current High Elves aligned with the Guardians and the Kelari aligned with the Defiants.

Now, with Life and Fire plane invaders seeking to burn down Silverwood, players will be asked to close the planar rifts and investigate the growing threat of House Aelfwar who, in a misguided attempt to protect Silverwood, seem to have aligned themselves with the malicious Fae.

Survival Tips

For new players, EpicToon has also assembled some survival tips for the Silverwood zone:

  • Quests in Silverwood have been designed for level 6-9 and are centered on the Divine Landing and Quicksilver College areas.
  • Close any 10 of the major rifts to be granted the achievement Silverwood Defender
  • Beware of the Life rifts and Fire rifts spawning randomly in this zone.
  • Head east of Silverwood until you reach the Guardian capital of Sanctum (see map below). There you can talk to vendors and spend RIFT Platinum on travel mounts, skills and auction house gear