PAX Trailer Reveals What’s Coming in Aion 2.5

NCSoft wasted no time hyping up Aion during the Penny Arcade Expo, showing off a fantastic new trailer for Aion 2.5 to convention crowds.

Aion 2.5 is the next major update to the fantasy MMO and will bring a new graphics option and a megaton of high-level content to the world of Atreia. If you don’t like reading lengthy patch notes and just want the tl;dr summary of why this future update is getting so much buzz, then you’ll want to watch the video below.

The trailer cherry-picks the most exciting features in Aion 2.5. First is the new “superior graphics engine” option, which lets players with specced-out PCs to increase the shadow and lighting effects on environments, and provides ultra-detailed rendering on character models.

Legions, the equivalent of guilds in Aion, will also be expanded. The maximum legion level will be increased from 3 to 5, with the top rank offering awesome gear rewards. Members will be required though to pool millions of Aion Kinah and hundreds of thousands in contribution points to hit legion level 5.

And plenty of Legions will aim to do just that, if only to get additional gear to help them clear the two brand-new instances in Aion 2.5.

Drana Esoterrace is a level 50+ instance set that will be accessible as long as a race controls its own Balaurea fortress. It also has a 22-hour re-entry cooldown, allowing players daily access should they clear the instance in a couple of hours.

Last, but certainly not the least, is the Empyrean Crucible multi-stage instance. The arena gauntlet format of this instance challenges groups to defeat waves of monsters in increasing boss difficulty. There are a total of ten steps, broken down into 5 rounds each, which means 50 brutal encounters for Daevas level 50+.

The trailer does its best to excite PvE raiders, but Aion 2.5 also offers fun updates for pet lovers and role-players. New pets and a pet mood system are coming, while boutiques will stock fresh designer outfits that any costume collector would not want to miss.

There’s no word yet on when Aion 2.5 will hit, but it has already been deployed on Korean servers, giving hope that in several months we’ll also get the update Stateside.