First RIFT review trickles in: “Exquisitely polished, content rich MMO”

Okay, so there are in fact other reviews out there for the game, but few sites as coveted as Eurogamer have posted their thoughts… until now.

Eurogamer has passed judgment on RIFT, awarding it an impressive 8/10 score* and ranking it above other recent MMO releases like DC Universe Online (6/10), Final Fantasy XIV (5/10), Star Trek Online (6/10) and even the much vaunted Aion (7/10).

Deep Soul Tree System

The review first praises the game’s soul tree system, stating that “rather than cheapening the investment in your characters, it adds depth and a chance to experience entirely new sides of the game, minus the long, lonely grind to the end of the leveling tunnel.”

Basically, the soul tree system allows players to mix-and-match spells and talents from different souls (aka classes), allowing for thousands of spec possibilities.

Players can spend RIFT Platinum to re-spec at any moment. The change can be as drastic as a DPS Mage becoming a tank Warrior, or as minor as points re-distribution without changing the chosen calling or souls.

Exciting Rift Invasions and End-game Content

Eurogamer also found the random rift invasions to be an exciting addition, injecting some spice to the usually boring questing grind. “Marching from one event to another in the raid group you’ve just bumped into makes for a breathless change of pace in the linear questing.”

Even the dungeon line-up is impressive, the review adds, given the 10 dungeons available at launch on both normal and Expert mode. End-game raids against the dragons and other planar invaders were also deemed promising.

Unprecedented Smooth Launch

What impressed Eurogamer the most about RIFT was its relatively smooth launch and polish right out of the box. While other MMOs take the first few months for granted, allowing big and small flaws to go live on the servers, RIFT’s developers made sure that everything went as smooth as possible.

“We’re accustomed to making certain allowances for a freshly minted MMO: there will be bugs, servers will collapse without a moment’s notice, and there will be nagging concerns around the breadth of content. But Trion has proved that it is possible to produce an exquisitely polished, content-rich MMO from the moment of launch, setting a dangerous precedent for upcoming releases in the process. Bad news for publishers, great news for the rest of us.”

While not entirely ground-breaking, as expected of a game that takes inspiration from the best features of past MMOs, RIFT does deliver exciting twists on the familiar MMO gaming experience. As Eurogamer’s review states, “if you hanker for a new world – one that feels familiar yet fresh, with an atmosphere of discovery and experimentation – then Rift stands proudly, ready to greet you with open arms.”

Click here to read the full Eurogamer RIFT review.

*Note: Eurogamer regularly re-reviews MMO’s after developers have had some time to roll out bug fixes and substantial content, allowing for the possibility that RIFT might hit an even higher score in the future.