RIFT Looking for Group tool will be server-only at launch

RIFT players hoping to clear Abyssal Precipice with players from others servers will have to wait more than a little while because the Looking for Group tool will not have cross-server functionality upon first release.

“When we go out, whatever we do first is going to be server-only, you know; it’s going to be single-server, and we’ll see how it works,” said chief creative officer Scott Hartsman in an interview with the Rift Watchers during the PAX East convention.

“Here’s what I’d rather do: I’d rather launch something and try to keep it single-server—and again, I’m talking a real Looking for Group system not only Looking for Dungeon.”

The distinction between a Looking for Group system and a Looking for Dungeon system is a big one. A LFG tool is planned to have a wider use beyond pairing random players for instanced dungeons and raids. It will also allow teams to form easily for rift invasions and raid rifts that take place in the persistent server world.

Mr. Hartsman suggests that addressing these grouping needs within each server is a bigger priority as RIFT is still in the formative stages of community-building.

“Like, ‘I want to find a dude to help me with whatever-arbitrary-noun’ whether that’s a dungeon, or a rift, or whatever—and so I’d rather we start with that and see how it works, because you can always add cross-server later, as opposed to going cross-server first and then having it take too long,” he said.

It makes sense for RIFT to prioritize a polished LFG tool since it can foster stronger bonds within each server. RP servers will see their communities flourish, PVE progression guilds can develop a pool of raiding talent, and PVP servers can foster faction pride.

As John Bedford of Eurogamer, in his glowing review of RIFT, puts it: “Trion has promised a dungeon-finder tool in the near future, but it’s to be hoped that this remains a server-specific affair at first, to ensure that the blossoming sense of community and personal reputation remains.”

Some players though want the cross-server functionality to be implemented immediately for faster dungeon runs for gear and RIFT Platinum.

It probably won’t take years for the cross-server functionality to be worked in the LFG tool. Trion has shown that it can roll out content fast, so it’s just a matter of waiting patiently for it.