FFXI and FFXIV shut down for at least a week due to Japan earthquake

Square Enix announced the temporary suspension of its Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV games and PlayOnline service as part of an energy conservation response to the record 8.9 earthquake over the weekend.

“Power companies in Japan have encouraged everyone to conserve as much as energy as possible as it is feared there will not be enough power supply,” Square Enix explained in an official announcement. The suspension will begin today and will last for at least a week. The company also confirmed that players will not be billed for any PlayOnline service throughout the April billing cycle.

Fans can still check out the FFXI and FFXIV official websites for updates on when the game services will return to normal.

Important Note – EpicToon’s FFXI and FFXIV Gil delivery:

We would like to inform our valued customers that EpicToon.com will continue to process orders on FFXI Gil and FFXIV Gil through the downtime period and will honor all orders placed.

Please be advised that we are expecting a build up of orders and that deliveries will be handled in the order they were received once both games go live again.

EpicToon.com extends its thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this tragedy. For donations, please contact Red Cross or your preferred charity organization.