Coin Lock feature to boost account security in RIFT

In a few days RIFT will be activating a Coin Lock feature that will help protect players against unauthorized logins.

“Users will be coin locked if they log in from a significantly different location. When their account is coin locked, they will be sent an email to the address that they have tied to their account (their login e-mail) with a code to enter into the game,” said RIFT community lead Cindy Bowens.

Basically, the Coin Lock feature is a fail-safe mechanism designed to protect the integrity of your account should your login details fall into the wrong hands. When potential hackers use remote computers to burglarize your account, they will trigger the Coin Lock and will need the code sent to your e-mail to gain full access.

While the Coin Lock is in place, unauthorized users will have severely limited control over the account:

  • No access to the auction house
  • No ability to SEND mail. Users can still receive and view mail as well as remove items from mail
  • No ability to SELL to vendors. Users can still purchase items from vendors
  • No ability to salvage, runebreak or destroy items
  • No ability to trade
  • Users can continue to play and gain coin and items, but cannot get rid of them.

Think of it as a protective bricking of your account. Sure hackers will get to log into your account, but they won’t be able to steal your items or any of that RIFT Platinum you just bought.

A word of caution: Once you notice that your account is Coin Locked, check your e-mail as soon as possible because someone may have logged into you account from another location. Consider changing your password immediately!

However, if you’re just accessing RIFT from a newly bought computer or want to lift the Coin Lock status, you can simply click on the Coin Lock icon near the tutorial button and enter the Coin Lock code provided in the e-mail.

App or mobile authenticator in the works

On top of the Coin Lock feature, RIFT is also developing an app or mobile authenticator which we believe will work just like the World of Warcraft mobile authenticator.

Ms. Bowens did not share specifics or timelines, but if the future authenticator also sends the player an eight-digit numeric code to be punched in together with the username and password, then hackers will have a tougher time breaking in.

RIFT Founder’s Subscription extended

In other pleasant news, RIFT has extended the Founder’s Subscription Plans until the end of the month. The plans lock in your monthly subscription at $11.99 a month (3-month plan) or the bargain $9.99 a month (6-month plan).

Compared to the standard subscription plans, the Founder’s plans will net you a cool dollar in savings each month, which when added up you can use to go crazy at the nearest Starbucks for those all-night rift raids.