RIFT rolls out Patch 1.01 today – new raid rifts content!

Just nine days after its US launch, RIFT continues to impress players by already rolling out its first-ever content update, Patch 1.01.

“This first update does have some new content, and also includes a rather large collection of tweaks, fixes, and updates that come from a few different sources,” said Trion Worlds creative lead Scott Hartsman, crediting the enormous player feedback as the primary inspiration for the Patch 1.01 improvements.

Newly launched MMOs often take at least a month before delivering a major content update, but RIFT seems determined to spoil its players by offering new content in record time.

Among the major features included in Patch 1.01 are:

  • Raid rifts. These are 10-man rifts summoned at will. As opposed to random rift invasions and expert dungeons, raid rifts are tough custom encounters exclusive to those who opened the rift. Watch the developer walkthrough video below to learn more about raid rifts:

  • Improvements to Rift, Invasion and Foothold experience gains. We reported yesterday that rift xp nerfs could be reversed soon, but even we never expected it to come today.
  • See more quests at once in the tracker. A boon for the levelers and achievement hunters.
  • Better item stack management. For more efficient bag fussing.

PvE end-game difficulty has also been tweaked. Right now, some newly minted level 50s are having a tough time against Tier 1 raids while geared guilds consider them a walk in the park. This change hopes to find some middle ground.

If you’re more interested in changes to your chosen soul classes, check out the full Patch 1.01 notes for a detailed list of bug fixes and ability changes.

What’s after Patch 1.01?

As if out to disprove critics who think RIFT will lose steam after the first month, Mr. Hartsman revealed that the team is already hard at work on major complaints.

Mages, for example, are getting looked over for a potential revamp to make them more competitive in the low and mid-level ranges due to their squishiness and long cast times. The event contribution system is also being reworked, presumably for a fairer distribution of rewards based on individual contribution.

Players will also get better protection from e-mail spammers and hackers. With RIFT growing in popularity by the minute, there has also been an increase in password phishing attempts and keyloggers.

We’d like to point out that EpicToon has never and will never resort to these illegal tactics. As a trusted source for RIFT Platinum, we always deliver fast and in the safest way possible while respecting your right to game in peace. You can trust us if you ever need RIFT Platinum for quick leveling or end-game gearing.