RIFT poll of the week: Social Networks for RIFT?

As RIFT begins to settle down following its hugely successful, but hectic launch phase, the developers are turning their focus to building the community and they seem to be crowdsourcing some ideas for improving the game.

Assistant Community Manager Elrar announced today that RIFT will be conducting weekly polls designed to get timely player feedback. This week’s poll: “Which social network do you use regularly?”

“It seems these days everyone (and my mother) are using social networks to find new information about the things they love. It got us wondering, how do RIFT players use social networks to find out more about us and stay up to date when you can’t be in-game?” asked Elrar. “We’ll use this information to better focus our efforts when using social networks to keep you more informed, and in a way that you enjoy.”

So far, the ubiquitous Facebook is leading, followed by YouTube and Twitter. Redditers seem to be far and few between. The survey should help Trion Worlds decide which channels to focus on when announcing patch updates to reach more people at once.

After voting on the poll, be sure to continue leveling because everyone we know is gunning for level 50! The end-game opens up the toughest challenges like the Greenscale the Primeval raid we revealed yesterday.

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