RIFT patch to reverse rift invasion xp nerfs soon

No doubt, one of the biggest draws for RIFT when it launched was its dynamic content. Players looked forward to the thrill of questing one minute then facing a massive wave of mobs—called a rift invasion—the next.

Defeating rift invasions proved to be so popular in the first week of play that Trion Worlds nerfed the xp gains from these challenges to prevent everyone from speeding their way to level 50.

But these xp nerfs will soon be reversed, according to RIFT producer Adam Gershowitz in an interview with ZAM during the Game Developers Conference.

“There was an expectation in beta and alpha that rifts gave out really good experience, which they did. We didn’t necessarily take into account the super large mass of players moving through the rifts. Unfortunately, we had to do an emergency deal with that and lower the exp, but it was one of our highest priorities to get that back up. In the next patch, especially smaller groups and raids, we will see a dramatic increase in experience,” explained Mr. Gershowitz.

That patch should come within the next three months, RIFT dynamic content lead, Will Cook told IncGamers. It will also include content built around the story of the five imprisoned Dragon Gods on Telara and big bad Regulos.

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