The history of the behemoth: Blizzard releases 20-year retrospective video

Blizzard Entertainment has come a long, long way since it was founded 20 years ago (then known as Silicon and Synapse) by three young UCLA graduates. Now the company is worth billions of dollars, and a new retrospective video narrates their rise from a simple start-up to a videogame titan that dominates the MMO market with World of Warcraft, among two other best-selling PC franchises, StarCraft and Diablo.

The video was made in celebration of Blizzard’s 20th anniversary, and it begins with the story of how the founders—Mike Morhaime, Allen Adham and Frank Pearce—met up and started the company back in 1991.

From candid interviews with programmers, artists and other decade-old employees, we learn about the company’s early success (their first two games Rock N’ Roll Racing and Lost Vikings won game of the year awards), their money problems, and eventual ascent to a full-fledged developer of AAA games.

Everything changed for Blizzard when they created Warcraft, which as we all know laid the foundation for World of Warcraft, the fantasy MMO that cemented the company’s place in the big league. World of Warcraft usurped the then-reigning champion EverQuest with its cartoonish graphics that appealed to both kids and adults, immersive lore and addicting gameplay.

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What’s in store for World of Warcraft and Blizzard? The video offers little in the way of spoilers but we’re betting that you don’t need Project Titan sneak peeks to enjoy the full video here. The short segment alone on the Jawa wall (Jawassic Park, anyone?) is worth the 40+ minutes.


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