EpicToon Respects Your Right to Safe and Spam-free Gaming

As an MMO player, you may have a laundry list of gripes, like long server queues (look no further than the newly launched RIFT) or rehashed dungeon content ( Patch 4.1 of World of Warcraft,we’re looking at you).

But two things likely to disgust you the most are scammers and spammers, both of which we condemn heavily here at EpicToon.com.

Scammers attempt to dupe you in every way possible. There are the hackers, who try to break into your account, power levelers who use your toons for their farming operations, and then of course numerous shady Gold sellers who deliver only a fraction of what you paid for.

Meanwhile, spammers flood the game chat and your e-mail inbox with unintelligible messages and spammer links often lead to phishing websites designed to steal your account information.

It’s tough going for MMO gamers in the security front, but EpicToon.com and MMO developers are working hard to give you a safe and spam-free gaming experience.

EpicToon.com prides itself on delivering the most secure virtual currency services around. We help gamers skip the grind without resorting to illegal and game-damaging tactics. Fast, safe and guaranteed—that’s our motto, as gamers ourselves we understand why these cheap underhanded tactics draw so much ire.

EpicToon.com has never resorted and will never resort to spamming. We let our service speak for itself, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built up over the years, and proud of the fact that even prominent guild leaders recommend us to the members who need cheap and safe WoW Gold, Aion Kinah, or any other virtual currency.

Developers too are ramping up their security efforts. Aion just strengthened its master account locks, while Final Fantasy XIV upgraded its account login system.

Lord of the Rings Online noticed a rise in hacked accounts and promptly bolstered its compromised account reimbursement policy, promising to restore all stolen items, and enacting policies to make it harder for rare raid gear to be sold to vendors.

EpicToon and the rest of the Clean Up the Industry movement fully support these security improvements and hope you will continue supporting legitimate sellers in the fight against scammers and spammers.

Remember, always play safe!


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