Security Upgrade for Aion Accounts

MMO developers might snipe at each other in their ad campaigns and fight tooth and nail for subscribers, but one thing they have in common is a hatred for account hackers.

In recent months, we’ve seen a trend of increased protection and security awareness campaigns among MMOs. First it was World of Warcraft issuing a new security guide, then Final Fantasy XIV upgraded their account login system, and now it’s Aion upgrading their master account locks.

NCSoft announced yesterday that new security questions will be added to thwart unauthorized access to your NCSoft Master Accounts. Under this new security system, NCSoft will verify whether you are logging into an authorized computer or not. If for some reason you want to use an unauthorized computer—maybe you’re on vacation or bought a new laptop—the system will ask you to confirm your identity.

Answer both security questions correctly and you’ll get a one-time login access. You can then use that chance to add the unauthorized computer you’re using to the approved list, so it will be recognized in the future. This goes without saying: Only add a computer to your approved list if you expect to access your account multiple times on it, and preferably it should be a computer you don’t share with other users.

NCSoft also repeated the sage advice to never use the same game account password you use for other e-mail, forums and website accounts. Use a long combination of lower case letters, capitals and numbers to make it that much harder to crack your password. Ditto for your character PIN.

And if you’re wondering why this additional circus hoop is needed, well it only takes one break-in to completely steal your Aion account and empty your coffers of newly bought Aion Kinah, so maximum precaution is always the best option.


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