FFXIV class armor coming along and Yoshi-P hates flying

Final Fantasy XIV players have no qualms calling the game’s producer Naoki Yoshida by his playful nickname Yoshi-P. Known for his light-hearted rapport with players, Yoshi-P took over the reins from Hiromichi Tanaka and has made his monthly Producer’s Letter as candid as it is informative.

In his latest Producer’s Letter published today, for example, Yoshi-P reveals just how far the developers are in designing class-specific equipment while sharing his dislike for air travel. Below are two concept art designs for a proposed “evil armor” and black mage armor.

Based on these pictures, Yoshi-P points out that customizations are being made so that each race, from the tailed Miqo’te to the massive Roegadyn, will look fantastic in their class gear. Fans of earlier Final Fantasy titles might experience déjà vu while looking at these designs. Notice how the evil armor resembles that worn by Cecil in Final Fantasy IV, and to some extent the black mage armor resembles what was worn when taking on the black mage job in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Whether you’re a fan of the throwback or not, Yoshi-P says all classes and ranks will obtain class gear, if not during the first roll-out, then at least within the year. Here’s hoping some of them can be bought via FFXIV Gil along with traditional questing.

The producer also spends a few paragraphs hyping the launch of two new features—Patch 1.16, which introduces side quests, and the official forums. Patch 1.16 was supposed to launch late February but he said players will only wait “a little longer” while final polishing is done. The forums, meanwhile, are almost good to go with a beta version scheduled to launch on March 8.

Aside from this information dump, Yoshi-P also throws a personal factoid our way: He really hates flying, which is funny because as a producer of a global MMO, he’s bound to zip off to their Los Angeles and London offices very often. Now Conjurers can threaten him with Aero for every update delay.


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