How RIFT is Dealing with the Head Start Mania

Trion Worlds has their hands full with RIFT, and we mean one million plus accounts full.

With more and more players logging into RIFT, the game is off to a blistering start. But like a sold-out rock concert there’s been a problem of too many people wanting to get in while the venue is already jam-packed.

EpicToon compiled the latest responses from RIFT developers regarding long queue times, introducing new servers, the need for character transfers and AFK tricks. Hopefully, these will give you some comfort while waiting for the long login queues.

On Long Queue Times and New Servers

RIFT community lead Cindy Bowens said that “pre-order numbers continued to rise so quickly that we were adding servers right up until launch and are still continuing to add them” so that the long queue times will be lessened. There are now 38 US and 29 EU servers, more than double their initial launch servers.

More servers are being added “as needed” and are announced via the RIFT Twitter and community forums pages. Follow these like a hawk if you want to be one of the first to populate a newly opened server.

Most of the frustration comes from friends and even whole guilds that transferred from different games, like World of Warcraft, to play together in RIFT. But with the long logins, these organized groups are having difficulty meeting up and tackling rifts, dungeons and doing PvP activities together.

Ms. Bowens suggested that new players should start 0n less populated servers, where there are little or no queues  at all. Before rolling, check the shard status page and choose Low-Medium population servers rather than the High-Full population servers.

On Character Transfers

With the long queues, you might have rolled characters on different servers than your friends, and might want to be reunited with them. Ms. Bowens said that they are looking at activating character transfers, but they will probably be offered “once the initial overpopulation subsides.”

So, have a good talk with your friends on what the best course of action is before you take action. Other options are for everyone to transfer to a less populated realm, or for the separated wolf to bear it out until the character transfer service is activated.

On AFK tricks

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so players who have managed to log in are doing everything possible to stay logged in and avoid the dreaded AFK drop. Some purposely stayed dead or ran into a wall to signal to the game that they were active, when they were probably going to the bathroom or doing some homework. Most of these issues have been addressed by a game update, according to RIFT developers, so be sure to play when you’ve got full stretches of free time.

Things are just going to get more hectic this week, as the game officially launches worldwide. Let’s hope the RIFT team keeps up with the crazy demand!


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