One million Trion Worlds accounts made, list of RIFT servers revealed

In a very enthusiastic press release, Trion Worlds announced today that one million accounts have been created via its website.

Trion Worlds is the developer of RIFT, and its first MMO release has been generating quite a huge amount of buzz over the past few months. While we won’t question the popularity of RIFT (it’s all everyone’s talking about these days), we do think Trion Worlds was a tiny bit misleading in this press release.

A casual reader would assume one million accounts equals one million players that have pre-ordered the game and are now enjoying their headstart privilege.

But Trion Worlds doesn’t explicitly say it has one million subscribers, so we believe the one million accounts include those created for closed and open beta testing. Given the thousands of players who participated in the seven-part testing gauntlet of RIFT, then you might consider that one million accounts is not all that impressive.

Still, we think Trion Worlds didn’t purposely try to blow up its numbers. It’s just much more convenient to release milestone numbers in easy, headline-catching form. “880,000 pre-order players”, for example, would be less sexy to announce than “1 million accounts registered”. One thing we don’t take away from Trion Worlds though is the incredible interest on RIFT, which we found to have pretty fun game mechanics.

RIFT server list

Trion Worlds also released the full list of US and European servers for the game. There are 17 for the US and 14 for the EU, with slightly more PvE servers followed by PvP, then RP, and finally a couple of RP-PVP.

The respective shard forums will be opened “very soon” according to Sr. Community Manager Abigale, and we expect that to happen no later than the worldwide release of RIFT on March 1 (US) and March 4 (EU).


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