EpicToon Smacktalk: Should you start paying for a DC Universe Online sub?

DC Universe Online players who bought the game last month got free 30 days to test out the MMO. But now it’s decision time for heroes and villains: Drop the game for its current UI and end-game flaws, or settle in and start paying for the monthly sub? Mick and Russ discuss.

Mick’s Shtick

Call me a spoiled brat, but I believe an MMO should be punished (if they don’t already punish themselves, like Final Fantasy XIV) when it launches with sub-par content and polish.

DC Universe Online is a perfect example, while the new superhero MMO has great potential with its expansive IP and very fun combat mechanics, I plan to un-sub for a couple of months and come back when the game has its act together.

Why so harsh a judgment on DCUO? Two things: Lackluster end-game content and the buggy chat system.

For a game that lets you hit max level 30 in a month without even trying, DCUO needs to crank up its duo and raid line-up. Casuals might be more forgiving because they can amuse themselves by creating endless alts and going through the same leveling missions, but as a hardcore player I want to see constant progress on my main toon.

The just released February update is a good start, and if they continue to release substantial content every month as promised, then maybe by early April I could be back “kapowing” Brainiac and those pesky Villainous players.

Funny thing is that a bug-free chat system and the presence of other social features would have distracted me enough until the end-game content bulked up, but even those need some time to shape up via hotfixes.

All in all, I’d rather let DCUO simmer in the oven while I plunk down my hard-earned cash on full offerings like RIFT or maybe the new EverQuest II expansion, Destiny of Velious. Then check back a couple of months later to feast on the well done superhero grub.

Russel’s Rant

See, this is exactly what’s wrong with MMO gamers today, absolutely NO PATIENCE WHATSOEVER!

I don’t remember the last MMO launch that went off smoothly and completely hitch-free, do you? That’s because there hasn’t been one. Even the mighty WoW suffered at launch… much more heavily than DCUO did as well (from a technical POV).

The problem these days is that folks look at the polish of a half-decade old game like World of Warcraft and somehow expect new releases to hit that high watermark. Won’t happen. Ever.

DC Universe Online is a fun game, we can all agree on that, we can also agree that it’s got its fair share of issues. However, these issues don’t make the game unplayable (I’m thinking back to Age of Conan or Planetside shortly after launch), so why decide to “punish” the devs who are working their socks off to fix these issues?

What the game really needs is tons of players providing helpful feedback in these first few months. It’s also worth noting that considering the fact that DCUO is the first simultaneous cross platform MMO release (feel free to correct me!) it’s surprisingly well put together.

Most MMO’s give you the first month gratis because they know that this first month is going to be mostly bug squashing and stability work, right? If everyone thought like Mick, and jumped ship after that first month with the aim of coming back in a few months, how would the devs be able to fund the MMO?

If you love the game then stick around, the moment-to-moment gameplay of DCUO, as mentioned, is fun as heck, the chat systems have been made a priority and we should get some UI fixes soon enough. No need to panic, RESUB ALL THE WAY, BABY!

P.S. RIFT is pretty awesome though, even if it is kind of a WoW Clone.


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