DC Universe Online unleashes first game update

Just over a month after its worldwide release, new superhero MMO on the block, DC Universe Online, is serving up a hefty game update that includes a Catwoman episode, new max-level content and slightly late Valentine’s quests.

Epictoon previewed the content a few weeks ago, and today a few more details surfaced that will make fans purr. Aside from breaking into the Gotham museum in her very own episode, Catwoman will also be a playable character in Legends “Play as Iconic” PVP mode. She’s also inspired a costume trend with developers introducing Ancient Mayan armor and Cat Burglar gear.

Speaking of gear, the auction houses in Watchtower and Hall of Doom are now online, buy DCUO Cash and go wild collecting your favorite costumes and gear.

Level 30 heroes and villains can look forward to busy times ahead. A new Bane duo battle, a fresh Gotham PvP zone, and the opening of the Batcave 2 raid zone against Brainiac and Brother Eye should keep end-gamers preoccupied for weeks to come.

And if you’re still in the mood for Valentine’s, feel free get love drunk on the “Love is a Battlefield” seasonal content.

“The battles between Wonder Woman and Circe have disrupted the magical balance, upsetting the Goddess of Love. Fountains have sprung up across Metropolis allowing players to enter the cherub shadow realm, where—as cherubs—they can celebrate and fight to determine the true meaning of love.”

Fantastically cheesy concept? Yes. Too much of a stretch for a comic book MMO? Heck No! Besides, the tasks seem fun enough: Collect hearts in PvP, shoot love arrows at citizens and wear a Cherub disguise. If you’re in the mood for some hating instead, DCUO also adds a four-man boss fight against the Goddesses of Love, Devotion and Scorn.

Or you know, just let the girlfriend grind the content for you. The ladies live for that lovey-dovey stuff.


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