As RIFT Open Beta Ends, A Look Back at Four Fun Moments

RIFT open beta ends today, giving RIFT pre-order owners time to rest their opposable thumbs before their head start privilege begins on Feb.24.

For the benefit of those who missed out on all the planar fun, I’ve compiled my top four fun moments while playing the RIFT open beta. In no particular order of awesomeness:

1. Never met a clone

The RIFT character creator has enough customizations that my avatar never met an exact clone—and probably never will even if I tried. Of course, I must have spent close to an hour tweaking my toon, paying close attention to hair and skin color. The little touches like being able to dictate the eye rotation (slant up for the mean look and slant down for the sad look) gave my character not only a unique appearance but also some personality.

2. Joined a rift invasion “mob”

In other MMOs, the term “mob”, refers to a random trash enemy. However, in RIFT, mob also describes what happens when players group up to repel a full rift invasion as monsters from other hostile planes wreak havoc on Telara. These baddies can range from carnivorous plants from the Plane of Life to soul-sucking ghouls from the Plane of Death.

The only successful strategy against rift invasions is to join forces with 100 other random strangers to defeat hundred-thousand-HP bosses that can kill non-tanks in seconds.  I found rift invasions to be exhilarating and a nice diversion to questing, and the gear token rewards made the occasional corpse run worth it.

3. Ditched my spec without rerolling

We’ve all had that first-hour regret: I picked the wrong class!  In RIFT, I was impressed that you could change your calling (archetype) and soul (class) at the nearest available trainer. No circus hoops to jump through—just a small gold fee and you can switch from Mage to Rogue, or swap your Blade Dancer soul for a Bard soul.

Having the re-spec option early in the game gave me more freedom to experiment with my talent points, and encouraged me to keep finding a class that suited me. Which leads me to the my personal favorite.

4. Battled as Beethoven

While every other toon seems to be rolling a Paladin, Justicar or Stormcaller, I’ve been having a blast with my Bard.

This seemingly weak soul is a blast to play with in groups, which RIFT encourages in almost all cases. I was able to provide tons of buffs to my allies with fanfares and anthems, heal the group with motifs, and crush mobs with musical notes. My bard also brought out a different instrument for every spell so I’m planning to form a raiding orchestra soon.

If you’d like to share your own fun moments during the RIFT open beta, or any past beta for that matter, feel free to use the comment box below.


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