First Look at EverQuest II Flying Mounts

In a last ditch effort to lure you into playing the Destiny of Velious expansion for EverQuest II, Sony Online Entertainment posted new screenshots of the majestic flying mounts soon to fill the skies of Norrath.

A total of eight flying mounts can be unlocked through various in-game activities once Destiny of Velious goes live on February 22.

These three mounts—(Left to Right) Highland Gryphon, Tundra Gryphon, and Snow Gryphon—can be earned upon completing the Adventurer Flying Mount quest series. All three will possess 150% airspeed, for fast map travel.

Meanwhile, tradeskillers can ride the Boreal Gryphon (front) and Frost Gryphon (back) after fulfilling the requirements of the Trafeskiller Flying Mount quest series. These tradeskiller flying mounts will also have 150% airspeed.

Raiders too will have special winged mounts waiting for them come the new expansion. Crysta, Velious Gryphon (front) and Glacia, Dark Gryphon (back) will be available raid drops from still-unnamed bosses.

The majestic Stormfeather’s Brood Guardian (above) rounds out the fleet of flyers, and is the easiest to obtain for those with cash to spare. This mount is exclusively available with a Destiny of Velious digital Collector’s Edition pre-order.

SOE clarified that the Stormfeather’s Brood Guardian cannot be used unless a player possesses the ability to fly, which is earned after completing a special in-game quest.

On the outside chance that these flying mounts don’t impress you, the Destiny of Velious still has a ton of new features to offer like two new zones, fresh raid content, and a thousand additional weapons and items. Learn more about the expansion or pre-order now for a chance at hunting these taloned wonders.


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