Epic MMO Recap: The week of grand reveals and user upgrades

Gated content and user convenience were the main focus points for MMOs this week, led by the open beta launch of RIFT and various game upgrades in Final Fantasy XI and EVE Online.

RIFT Opens Up
Up to early next week, RIFT will be holding its six-day open beta that invites everyone with a PC and a hatred for dragons to defend the world of Telara. EpicToon is waist deep in the open beta and has confirmed that all servers have room to accommodate late joiners. Those rolling their first Ascended in RIFT should parse through our What To Do in the RIFT Open Beta mini-guide to get the most mileage from their weekend playtime.

Destiny of Velious NDA Lifted
In other beta news, EverQuest II lifted its non-disclosure agreement (NDA) clause for its Destiny of Velious expansion this week, allowing testers to talk about the new features and content coming this February 22.

Sony Online Entertainment is also drawing up the information floodgates for those in need of an early DoV fix. Today at 4 p.m., producer Dave “Smokejumper” Georgeson and game designer Paul “Cronyn” Molina will host a live walkthrough of the new expansion, which introduces flying mounts and over 300 additional quests plus 10 new dungeons, among a treasure trove of collectible gear.

Stronger Security for FFXI Logins
Square Enix introduced the MMO equivalent of a double lock for Final Fantasy XI players when it announced this week improved login security measures. While this should not be treated as a viable substitute for a security token, it will surely deter more hackers from even attempting future account break-ins. SE seems to be on a giving mood, having just released an XP-boosting mini-update earlier this week as well.

“Quality of Life” Improvements in EVE Online
While Vana’dielians celebrated their safety, the pilots of EVE Online saluted the Incursion 1.2 update which deployed a hangarful of fixes to the game. Experimental contracts, market services and the user interface received bulk of the upgrades which, although minor, should troubleshoot irritating inconveniences in the space MMO. Incursion 1.2 full patch notes here.

Auction House and Many More in DCUO
DC Universe Online seems to be listening well to player requests, as it announced this week the full list of features coming with its first-ever content update. An auction house will soon be accessible in The Watchtower and Hall of Doom locations, plus new gear, appearance items, missions and our favorite addition—an eight-player Batcave raid. Oh and for the kitty lovers, Catwoman is coming, too.

Will you test-drive RIFT this weekend or stick to good ‘ol EverQuest II? Share your thoughts on the MMO news this week below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages!