What to do in the RIFT open beta

So you’ve scored a RIFT open beta invite, downloaded the beta client, and banned the kids from playing with your computer until the 21st.

It’s all systems go for a whole week of RIFT open beta testing, but do you know how to make the most of your playtime in Telara? Read on as EpicToon guides you through the activities you might want to check out first in the open beta.

Test-Drive Each Calling

There are four main callings in RIFT—Warrior, Mage, Cleric and Rogue. Pretty much any gamer knows the function of these archetypes, but it’s still advisable to test-drive each one to see which to choose for your first character when the game is officially released on March 1 (US) and March 4 (EU).

When you choose a calling, you can cherry-pick three from the eight basic souls (aka classes) available per calling. This can get confusing but it will all make sense once you get into the game and run through the Soul System tutorial. For simplicity’s sake, here are your options:

  • The Warrior calling offers the most number of tanking souls, followed by DPS
  • The Cleric calling naturally has the best healing souls, but they can be effective caster DPS as well
  • The Rogue calling has the most number of physical DPS and a few surprisingly solid tanking souls
  • The Mage calling has some DPS specs but is unique in having many support and CC specs.

Run RIFT on Your Desired Graphic Spec

As one of the newer MMOs to come out, RIFT is best played on newer PC models and not those circa 2000. However, there are resolution sliders and graphic options available in the game that if tuned correctly, will allow you to run the game smoothly without having to spend on computer upgrades.

It’s disappointing to buy an MMO thinking your PC can run it only to find that you need shell out hundreds of dollars just to play the game as seen in their glossy screenshots. Take advantage of the open beta see if your gaming PC can keep up with the game at an acceptable pace and graphic quality.

Dive into the Rift Invasions

The namesake feature of RIFT, rift invasions are dynamic events where massive amounts of mobs and bosses invade Telara through planar tears. See, Telara is in the center of dangerous elemental planes whose inhabitants want to conquer or destroy the world. Players will need to destroy enemies popping out of these rifts and save towns from being overwhelmed.

Even if you’re not a fan of grouping, rift invasions are still fun to try out. Rift invasions can involve hundreds of players working together at the same time, and if these chaotic world events turn you off big-time, then you might want to rethink that RIFT pre-order.

Report Bugs and Give Feedback

It won’t take much of your time to report bugs and other problems you encounter while playing the open beta. Think of it as a simple repayment for being given access to an almost launch-quality game for free. Making the game less buggy will also help out the greater RIFT community.

We also recommend hanging out in the beta forums to interact with players outside of the game’s trade chat. You’ll get a sense of the community that’s developing pre-launch, and RIFT moderators will be glad to hear any feedback you might have from playing the open beta.

And If You Have Extra Time…

Try leveling up to the max level 42 and group for the dungeons and PvP warfronts, almost all of which have been unlocked for open beta testing. There’s more than enough to do in RIFT, so just go have fun and enjoy the free playtime while it lasts!


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