Final Fantasy XI February mini-update goes live

Earlier this month, Square Enix revealed its plan to raise the experience point gains in non-Abyssea areas and make it easier to gain skill points from weaker foes in Final Fantasy XI.

These changes went live today as part of the February mini-update, along with a few other mission and system improvements.

Here are the highlights from the mini-update patch notes:

  • Level restrictions lifted for selected nation of allegiance missions
  • In Fields of Valor, training regimes can be undertaken as often as desired, up from the previous once-per-day limit.
  • XP points for defeating monsters in non-Abyssea areas has been increased, including dragon wyverns and adventuring fellows
  • Combat and magic skill increases will rise more rapidly and will now be awarded when fighting foes rated “Decent Challenge” or stronger.
  • Recipe for pet food eta has been revised to include Buffalo meat instead of the rarer Ruszor meat
  • New <wait #> macro command, where # is the number of seconds you want to delay the execution of the next macro line. Can be set from 1 to 60 seconds.

Square Enix also took time to resolve known issues that have been troubling FFXI players. These include fixing the drop rewards from notorious monsters, Ironclad Triturator and Ironclad Sunderer, and preventing the loss of temporary items when players are evicted from Abyssea.

Overall, the mini-update should make the game more grind-friendly, and prevent an Abyssea burnout as players can now venture into other areas and expect a comparable rate of XP gains.


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