RIFT open beta begins tomorrow

After months of teasers and six rounds of selective closed beta testing, RIFT will launch its public open beta starting tomorrow February 15 and it will run till February 21 .

Codenamed “Telara the Merciless”, the open beta will allow players to enter the world of Telara and become an Ascended hero belonging to one of two factions—the zealous Guardians or the technologically adept Defiants.

To qualify, register for the RIFT open beta now and wait for the notification e-mail which will look like this:

You will also need to set aside some hard disk space for the RIFT beta client. You can reach a maximum level of 42, but remember, your toon will not be carried over when RIFT officially launches on March 1 (US) and March 4 (EU).

If you’re a newbie, we recommend spending at least twenty hours to explore what the game has to offer. This includes rolling toons on both factions, tinkering with the unique soul class system, battling server-wide rift invasions, queuing for PvP warfronts and running PvE dungeons.

As an added incentive, players who down bosses during the open beta will have a chance at winning an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 video card, perfect to help upgrade your PC graphics and let you see the lush environments of Telara in full detail. Full beta contest rules here.

Register now, and EpicToon hopes to see you in RIFT’s open beta!


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