Epic MMO Recap: The week of Valentine lovin’ and hatin’

The most romantic and also most brutal Valentine holidays are rolling out in your favorite MMOs, and EpicToon has sampled the sweets on offer.

There’s a lot to chew on because everyone has planned events and promos designed to steal your gamer heart, from a PVP fight-a-thon in RuneScape to discounted girl gifts in Eve Online.

The Color of Love

We start off the love fest with Aion whose Vanity Fayre fashion event starts strutting on February 16. No announcement yet on the prizes for being picked as Atreia’s most dashing, but you can boost your chances by dipping your Daeva’s outfits in Hot Pink and True Red dyes, available only this Valentine’s.

Be My Fool

Our favorite Azerothians in World of Warcraft have been bitten by the love bug and are busy collecting love tokens every which way they can. Some are observing a steadfast devotion to daily quests, while others are courting disaster by challenging the Valentine raid boss, Apothecary Hummel. There’s also the annual pilgrimage to pity the love fool in five dungeon and battlegrounds locations.

Eat Your Heart Out

Two online games. One goal in mind: A Valentine’s Day Massacre.  Fallen Earth’s “celebrations” involve literally tearing your clone heart out and offering it to your post-apocalyptic beloved. You stand to earn The Heartbreaker title or, at the very least, some sympathy from the developers, who promised to join in the February 14 festivities.

Equally brutal is the RuneScape fight-a-thon this weekend. Don’t take my word for it, here’s how Jagex Games described their V-day event: “Players will be creating their own death inducing events and clans will battle one another in the Player Killing Run in event to see which clan will be hailed victorious!” Great! Carnage for everyone!

Sweet Gifts

Of course, for every bloody Valentine there are two sweet ones in honor of Cupid (or whatever love god tickles your fancy.) February 15 is Valentione’s Day in Final Fantasy XI and the moogles are prepared to guide you through the sweet ordeals. EverQuest II has the similarly themed Erollisi Day which unleashes a host of customized quests and Norrathian presents up to February 20.

While we’re on the subject of presents, Eve Online is slashing 40% off its girl shirts, among other space store merchandise. An additional Twitter recommendation may cut another $15 off your purchase, so spend a minute to tweet “BE MY EVE #eveonlinestore”.

And for the DC Universe Online Casanovas, there’s a lot of love in store for you from the goddess of love Aphrodite herself . You not only get to enter the realm of the cherub, you even become one and collect hearts through the skies of an alternate reality Metropolis.

So which Valentine’s event or promo is making you go gaga? Share your thoughts on the MMO news this week below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages!