DCUO trailer “Fractured Future” shows two scheming Luthors

DC Universe Online cinematics are always a treat to watch, given their superb quality. The new “Fractured Future” cinematic is no less impressive, as it shows Lex Luthor up to his scheming ways again. The superhero roadkill: A future Batman and Luthor’s exobyte creation, Fracture.

What can be gathered from the 3-minute video below, is that future Batman and future Luthor have teamed up to send Fracture back to the past along with millions of exobytes in order to boost the superhuman population to defend Earth against Brainiac’s forces.

Timeline-wise, “Fractured Future” is set after the “Who Do You Trust” trailer where heroes and villains duked it out only to realize Brainiac was invading Earth while they were busy killing each other. Batman seemed dead in “Who Do You Trust” but now we know he survived the battle and traveled with Luthor to The Fortress of Solitude.

With their combined intellect, Batman and Luthor can invent anything, so it’s plausible that while Brainiac was busy eliminating all opposition, they were able to develop the power-giving exobyte technology and a time machine.

The only thing Batman didn’t count on was Luthor killing Fracture and taking the exobytes himself back to the past. The final scene was an ominous meeting between future Luthor and past Luthor, who seemed to be in on the dastardly trick.

What does this all mean for DCUO, aside from fleshing out the origin lore behind the newly released MMO? Some speculate future Batman managed to go back to the past as well (maybe he managed to get into the time rift or he had a spare time machine) and might mean raid encounters for both factions, with the future Batman and Luthor as bosses.

Others are simply counting on making a Fracture playable toon, who showed some serious moves fighting against a Brainiac mech.

We’ll be sure to watch out for those, but in the meantime, we’ll have to settle with the purring antics of Catwoman in this month’s scheduled content update.


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