Stronger PUG buff coming this week with WoW Patch 4.0.6

If you’re still struggling to clear dungeons with your random PUG’s in World of Warcraft, then this Tuesday will be your salvation. Blizzard ushers in Patch 4.0.6, which will boost the Luck of the Draw buff given to random pick up groups.

Everyone in a group with three or more random players will now get up to a maximum of 15% bonus damage, healing done and health. (The Luck of the Draw buff was previously at a measly 5%.)

Why should pick up groups aka PUG’s get a big boost in dungeon survivability and power? Lead systems designer Ghostcrawler explains that “the intent of Luck of the Draw is to help make up for the lack of coordination, communication, and familiarity that PUG’s suffer relative to organized groups of guild members and friends.”

Ghostcrawler confirms what many in the casual PUGging community have suggested: Dungeons, especially those on Heroic difficulty, are just too brutal on Dungeon Finder groups. “We think buffing Luck of the Draw is a good way to go about correcting the difficult differences because it makes things slightly easier on PUG’s without depriving organized groups of a fun challenge.”

Make no mistake:Blizzard still believes that grouping with friends and guildmates is the most efficient way to clear PvE content, but the Luck of the Draw buff should provide welcome relief to players who are taking their chances with random strangers.

We think this will be a much-welcomed improvement, especially since players don’t always have the time or inclination to form their own dungeon groups. This will also improve the raiding success of smaller guilds that, in their need to fill an empty raid slot or two, will have access to a better geared pool of players.

If you want to know more about Patch 4.0.6, read the full notes which include hundreds of other gameplay changes, class nerfs and dungeon boss tweaks.


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