Epic MMO Recap: The week of content updates galore

It’s been a busy week for MMO’s all around, with content updates and news flying straight into our RSS feeds, from a no-show WoW patch to a feline addition in DCUO.

Maybe Next Maintenance
In World of Warcraft, players expected Patch 4.0.6—harbinger of class nerfs and dungeon changes—to drop last Tuesday, but were disappointed when all they got was the usual maintenance with token gnome pic.

Patch 4.0.6 will be the first major update to the Cataclysm expansion, so it should be expected that Ghostcrawler and his cadre of Excel number-crunchers, I mean game developers, are working very hard to get class changes and Heroic dungeon tweaks right.

Catwoman On the Prowl
Catwoman bares her claws in DC Universe Online, with a planned five-boss encounter this February. Known as Selina Kyle when not wearing her slinky leather costume, Catwoman is a prominent lust-hate fixture in the life of Batman, and she promises to make battles both racy and deadly for all DCUO players.

There’s been discussion among comic book fans as to why certain characters seem to get special treatment in DCUO. We happen to think it’s simple logic: The more movies made about a comic book character, the more content he or she is bound to get. Hence Catwoman > Harley Quinn. And no, it doesn’t matter if the movie bombed (I’m looking at you, Halle Berry).

Bonuses in Final Fantasies
Grouping is a bit pointless now in Final Fantasy XIV, what with soloing providing comparable xp and sp gains, so Square Enix rolled out Patch 1.15a that ups the rewards for mob gang-ups. There’s also a Patch 1.15b version coming out which will be more focused on content, which is a relief since some of the guild leves are starting to grate on us.

The older Square Enix MMO, Final Fantasy XI, is also planning a similar xp and sp boost. But instead of encouraging teamwork, the update is aimed more at getting players out of Abyssea, where they’ve holed up for optimal xp and sp farming. Knowing FFXI players though, it’s only a matter of time before they pin down which new area is tops for grinding and head there en masse.

Light a Birthday Candle for STO
Lastly, a big shout out to Star Trek Online, who just turned one this week. Trekkers got a cool 20% discount at the STO shop and a bunch of anniversary activities at each faction’s quest hubs. Executive producer Daniel Stahl even made a summary video that’s totally useless for existing players, but totally useful for new players wondering: “So that buggy and bare game at launch survived, huh?” D-Stahl enumerates the pretty impressive features that rolled out this past year, so be sure to recommend it to pilots you want to recruit in the future.

Share your thoughts on the MMO news this week! Do you like the content updates for your game? What’s your birthday wish for Star Trek Online?