DC Universe Online February Update – Catwoman Rises

Recently christened SOE’s fastest selling game ever, DC Universe Online is primed to receive its first major content update for the month of February, and judging by the first trailer, it looks to be a good one.

In a recent interview with Massively.com, DCUO Game Director, Chris Cao laid the update bare, going into detail on what to expect from the new Max level Catwoman content:

For this month, it’s Catwoman. There is a new Catwoman episode with a shared-world race, where we are going to race across the rooftops. There’s hunting her down for clues in the shared world, which ultimately leads to the Gotham Museum’s warehouse. Think of this as a huge vault of all the stored treasures that aren’t on display. What better place for the ultimate cat-burglar to go than the treasure trove of a museum?

You follow her in there, but things have gone wrong, because [otherwise] it wouldn’t be a normal day in Gotham. She’s unleashed the power of four feline idols — ancient Egyptian icons — that have cursed all the security guards and personnel in the warehouse, turning them into one of four aspects of feline prowess. It’s Catwoman to the nth degree. There are people turned halfway into tigers, into cheetahs, into panthers. There are five different boss fights, the fifth one being against Catwoman herself as she’s cursed by aspects of each of these feline statues. She has nine lives, so of course, you have to beat her down nine times.

If that doesn’t get you interested, the slick announcement trailer surely will:

Cao also talked about plans for the Valentine’s Day celebration content, which we won’t spoil here except to mention that they involve Wonder Woman, Circe, and Aphrodite. It’s worth mentioning that he didn’t back down when it came to admitting that certain areas of the game needed work. Areas up for immediate improvement include:

  • The implementation of an auction house
  • A more robust chat system, with better features and performance
  • Soft balancing to combat systems

In addition, Cao outlined broad ideas the studio is working on for future updates, indicating that they’ll be reacting to what the community drives them to, in this case, improvements to PVP.

Somewhat worryingly for PC players though, it seems that SOE has little intention of  making major changes to the much maligned UI, stating that the current “clunky” feel is actually a result of the game design’s focus on action, rather than a more traditional MMO blueprint.

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