Patch 1.15a Rolls Out Party Bonuses in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has just activated the new Patch 1.15a, ushering in better xp and sp rewards for party groups.

Before this patch, soloers were content with grinding mobs for character progression. The change should convince players to team up for faster xp and sp gains per hour.

The increased incentives could also push group combat beyond the current TP-building skill spam. Battle regimens and combat strategies might actually see some play as groups require more nuanced tactics when taking on high-rank mobs.

Other notable changes included in Patch 1.15a:

  • Stack size limit for non-unique items expanded from 12 to the RPG standard 99
  • Text command to display head gear. /display head on (shows head gear) /display head off (hides head gear)
  • Text command clock shows relevant info. /clock (shows time remaining until guild leve reissue, anima regeneration and next Behest mission)
  • Color-coded battle text. Yellow for self actions, blue for healing, red for enemy damage, and white for other actions.

With Patch 1.15a rolling out mainly combat and UI improvements, all eyes are on the next Patch 1.15b to shore up the content side of the game.

For the full details on Patch 1.15a, read the updated notes here.


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