Improved XP and Skill Gains Readied for Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI‘s minor version update scheduled for mid-February will bump up the experience points gained from non-Abyssea areas, and make it easier to gain skill points while battling weaker foes.

Square Enix announced the changes amid recent feedback from players that there is a wide gap in xp gains between zones, with Abyssea leaving all others in the dust. The xp boost planned for non-Abyssea zones should make it attractive for groups to quest in other areas without falling behind their leveling progression.

The minor version update will also address the perceived imbalance in skill point acquisition as Square Enix plans to widen the range of monsters from which FFXI players can gain skill points.

“At present, only by fighting foes rated ‘Even Match’ or stronger can players raise their combat and magic skills to their upper limits. With the February version update, however, this requirement will be reduced to ‘Decent Challenge.’”

Support specs who use skills that target themselves and their team members will also raise said skills at a faster rate. This skill gain adjustment will also benefit Puppetmaster automatons.


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