The Most Popular Cataclysm Zone? WoW Players Speak Up in New Poll

With the coming of the Cataclysm expansion, Blizzard added five new zones in World of Warcraft as part of its effort to make leveling from 80 to 85 enjoyable.

Now that more than a month has passed, most have had the chance to quest through the new level 80-85 zones. Many have even formed amusing opinions on the ones that impressed them the most, which we get to read in the comments for the new Blizzard survey poll titled: “Which new level 80-85 Cataclysm zone was your favorite?”

Here are a few snippets of praise and a LOL rebuttal for each zone:


  • “I love the whole Egypt feel.”
  • “Uldum, the Harrison Jones stuff was pimp.”
  • “Also, Gnomebliteration.”
  • LOL rebuttal: “I hate that zone with a passion. It’s just another desert with some ruins and cut scenes that you can’t skip.”


  • “Each area feels different while reminding you that you are essentially in a massive cavern.”
  • “Best awesome-looking visuals in the landscape. So many glowy crystals!”
  • “Spent a lot of time just watching the pillars pop out and pop back in.”
  • LOL rebuttal: “I might have picked Deepholm. But I was there for 5 minutes and killed about 4 times so I skipped that zone entirely.”


  • “Twilight Highlands for me, I loved seeing more of the Wildhammer lifestyle
  • “Actually flying to the Highlands next to Garrosh…  it was completely great.”
  • “Easter eggs. Za’phod Beeble’brox and Russell Brower ftw.”
  • LOL rebuttal: “Twilight Highlands starts epicly, but mellows out into a big ‘meh’ pretty quickly.”


  • “Great storyline, great visuals, some fun quests and perfect difficulty balance.”
  • “The entire underwater and real 3-d aspect of Vash’jir was a lot of fun.”
  • ” It was also fun swimming around on a Seahorse.”
  • LOL rebuttal: “It just gives me a migraine after about forty seconds and I have to leave before I go bat-$#!% crazy.”


  • “Most epic figures in the game battle around you.”
  • “The nostalgic landscape was a great throwback to Burning Crusade days.”
  • “Bear cub throwing quest.”
  • LOL rebuttal: “Mt. Hyjal’s ending left me feeling flat.”

So there you have it Tooners, it seems that there are plenty of fans for all of the zones. But if you look at the poll right now, Uldum is leading by a great deal with multiple posters giving it kudos for its funny and punny questlines. We also believe the inclusion of some version of “gnome punting” worked in favor of Uldum.

If you’d like to vote or maybe get a word in on your own favorite zone, then head to the official poll site.


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