Quick and Easy Cataclysm Raiding Tips: Argaloth

At last you’ve won Tol Barad! Now you’re thinking of celebrating, but then you realize you only have two hours before the next match starts and you lose access to the Baradin Hold raid.

What’s worse is you don’t know squat about Argaloth, the raid’s sole boss encounter. (Something about not expecting to win it, ever). That’s why you’ll need a cheat sheet fast!

In this post, EpicToon compiled the essential tips from TankSpot,  WoW Insider and other resource websites for a quick and easy summary on how to defeat Argaloth. Feel free to speed-read below:


  • Argaloth has a 5-minute enrage timer. Burn him down fast.


  • Argaloth casts Meteor Slash. Damage from this spell gets divided among the target and five nearby allies. Stack in groups to spread out the damage to manageable levels.
  • At 66% and 33% health, Argaloth channels Fel Firestorm. Raid should spread out on cast but still within healer range. Avoid floor fire damage and get back to stacking position after channeling ends.
  • Casts Consuming Darkness DoT throughout the fight.


  • Need two tanks in both 10-man or 25-man.
  • First phase is a tank-and-spank phase.
  • When Argaloth casts Meteor Slash, taunt switch with other tank to let Fire debuff fall off.


  • Need six DPS averaging 10k each is desirable. 18 to 19 DPS on 25-man.
  • Can swap one DPS for one healer, but five remaining DPS will have to do 15% more damage
  • Use instant spells for movement-heavy Fel Firestorm channeling.
  • For shadow priest and balance druid: Cast Hymn of Hope and Innervate, respectively, on healers for extra mana.


  • Need two healers to dispel fast and put out solid AoE  heals. 4 to 5 healers on 25-man.
  • Cleanse the Consuming Darkness D0T on cast
  • For priests: A glyphed Mass Dispel is handy
  • Keep within range, especially when Fel Firestorm is being channeled

Compared to the other Cataclysm raids, Baradin Hold is a relative walk in the park. Timing is key to mitigating damage, whether it’s in quick taunt switches, floor fire awareness or instantaneous DoT dispels.


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