Play World of Warcraft on Microsoft Kinect, Now!

Think the new Cataclysm heroics are grueling for your precious mouse fingers? Well, imagine doing all that CC and mob marking with your whole body!

Evan Suma and four other USC colleagues have developed a program that will let you play World of Warcraft and other controller-unfriendly games using the Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 console.

Watch how this Kinect-enabled program works through the video below that shows Mr. Suma piloting a mage through the swampy Dustwallow Marsh. You can see him controlling the camera angles using his left hand while various spells and abilities are triggered by his right arm movements.

Called the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (aka FAAST), this new technology uses your body posture and movements to input keystrokes into the game. What’s cooler is you can actually set up the types of movements that will trigger in-game actions, like extending your right arm forward to cast a Frostbolt or deliver a devastating Backstab.

There are dozens of action commands available based on your physical fitness or cardio workout needs. You can do strenuous jumps and arm swipes or simply lean your body several degrees to the side or front, to control your WoW character via the Microsoft Kinect.

This gets our vote for the sexiest new innovation to WoW (sorry Guild Achievements!) and we want you to try it out right now. Download the FAAST program here.

Expect sibling aggro as you camp out in front of the living room plasma, hog the Microsoft Kinect, and use up bandwidth. So be considerate; gift them a WoW account complete with cheap WoW Gold to get them hooked to the game as much as you are. Besides, you’ll need a break from all the rapid flailing anyway.


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