Geared Up? Don’t Forget These Other Raiding Essentials

You’ve followed our tips on gearing up for Cataclysm raids and spent thousands of WoW Gold on epic gear. But if you think you won’t be shelling another copper after, think again. You’ll also have to set aside some serious coin for personal repairs, flasks, food consumables and potions.


Even progression gods like Paragon wipe during raid attempts so there’s no escape from repair bills that come with dying from the fire or an enraged boss cleave.

A single death might set you back several WoW Gold, but when you run into a string of failed attempts across multiple raiding nights, and the cost of repairs can get as high as a couple of hundred WoW Gold, easily.

You can buy the WoW Gold from to skip the grind, or sign up as a tank which most guilds support with free repairs as a form of bonus incentive. Tanks–or should I say good tanks–are a rarity in any expansion, and they are need more than ever this Cataclysm expansion due to the tight tuning of the encounters.

More generous guilds will sponsor every member of the raiding team, but will ask for donations in kind like profession-specific crafts or raw materials, so you’ll still be paying for it, although indirectly.


Cataclysm raiding is so new, there’s no chance for you to overgear the content. You’ll need to play flawlessly and stay alive to beat the available raids that are tuned tightly, whether it be in normal or heroic mode.

You’ll face encounters where the difference between a clear and a wipe is 1% of remaining boss health. Maybe the DPS needed to churn out more damage, or the tank needed more health, or the healers more mana to eke out just one more heal. Whatever the source of failure was, using flasks is a foolproof way to boost your raiding team’s performance from almost victory to full clear.

In Cataclysm, the flasks of choice give +300 to the primary stats and last an hour each even after multiple deaths, making them a value purchase for WoW Gold. Here’s the list depending on your spec:

  • Flask of Steelskin for tanks (+300 Stamina)
  • Flask of Draconic Mind for offensive spell casters or healers (+300 Intellect)
  • Flask of the Winds primarily for rogues and hunters (+300 Agility)
  • Flask of Titanic Strength for melee dps (+300 Strength)
  • Flask of Flowing Water for healers (+300 Spirit)

If you’re interested in being buffed all the time, consider spending WoW Gold leveling up your Alchemy skill to acquire the Flask of Enchancement (+80 to Agility, Strength or Intellect).

As an Alchemist, you can also set down a Cauldron that functions like the Mage Table, providing multiple flasks to raid members who click on it.

Food Consumables and Potions

Though not as expensive as flasks, food consumables will add up to quite a lot of WoW Gold especially if you don’t plan to farm the cooking materials needed for the recipes.

Level 85 food consumables will give either a combination of two +60 stats, or two +90 stats, but it’s best to get the latter as it will be worth the extra WoW Gold cost. If you have extra coin in the bank, you can also purchase Fish Feasts for the raid until your guild unlocks the new higher level feasts via Guild achievements.

Potions are also available for those in-combat emergencies, like when you run out of mana and health and need a quick top off, or a temporary stat boost to bust out greater heals or damage. Used liberally, this will add up to your mounting list of auction house must-haves.

Be sure to start shopping now before prices spike. offers cheap and safe WoW Gold for all your raiding needs, so check it out. Good luck Tooners!