Gearing Up for Cataclysm Raids, But With Less Grind

It’s almost a month since Cataclysm launched to record-breaking numbers and it seems everyone and their grandmother have hit level 85. Because of this, guilds are now finalizing their raid rosters while trade chat is buzzing again with endless “LF More!” invites.

Of course, you want that permanent raid slot and insta-invites from PuGs! But how can you impress those picky raid leaders when all you’ve got equipped are questing greens? Work and school are no excuse–even the busiest players can gear up for Blackwing Descent and Bastion of Twilight using our time-efficient tips below.

Run Normal Dungeons with the Same Solid Group

Whether you like to queue up with friends or random players via the Looking for Dungeon (LFD) tool, it’s best to stick to a single solid group.

For one, there will be less competition for gear. Imagine having a group consisting of two clothie DPS, one leather wearer healer, one mail melee DPS and the plate tank. Even if you’re a clothie who has competition for gear, chances are that you will get more than your fair share of threads since you can negotiate a fairer division of drops. You also get to benefit from comparable quality drops, so that when the other clothie doesn’t need the chest gear because he won a similar one in the last dungeon, you can snap it up in a heartbeat.

If you have a large guild, try to form a group that logs on at your available time or just pop up in game during the most active server time for the highest possibility of getting in a guild run. If PuGs are more your scene, weekends are better for chaining normal dungeons with a solid group formed over trade chat or just found via the LFD.

Buy WoW Gold for BoE Epics

Of course, you’ll find that running normal dungeons still isn’t enough to raise your average item level to raid-readiness. Boss drops are entirely RNG-dependent and the one or  two runs you do per day might not be enough to fill those 20 slots with the appropriate epics.

Here is where the auction house will be most useful. You can buy WoW Gold from and shop for a few choice BoE epics to fill in the gaps in your raiding gear. The lowest BoE purples are the ilevel 359 pieces for major parts like chest, legs and arms.

If you want to save a little money, helpful guildies and friends who have leveled up their professions and learned the new Cataclysm recipes can craft you ilevel 359 BoEs. Clothies should seek out Tailoring experts, Leather-wearers go to Leatherworking masters, while Mail and Plate classes should find max-level Blacksmiths.

BoE epics are a great investment that should last you for the current round of raids and, even when replaced with Valor-bought Tier gear, can still function as great offset pieces depending on the fight.

Enchant, Gem and Reforge

You should also buy enough WoW Gold to cover enchants, gems and Reforging costs. A good raid leader will overlook a lower-than-average ilevel score when all your gear are augmented properly. He might not even care that a couple or more gear are blues so long as the rest make up for it in epic gems and enchants.

Reforging is also one of the newest ways to improve your gear, introduced only this Cataclysm expansion,  so use it wisely to boost your gear stats. It’s a wrong notion that only trash greens are Reforged to make them semi-useful for your use; instead, Reforging should be used whenever possible on your best gear. Even the most optimized drops are suitable candidates for Reforging provided you have a solid understanding of which stats are most beneficial for your spec.

There you have it. Once you start having more organized dungeon runs, and buy WoW Gold at for gear and augmentation purchases, you’ll soon be geared enough to join those epic Cataclysm raids. Good luck!