Gear up for the Notorious Monsters of Final Fantasy XIV

Christmas arrived early for masochistic adventurers looking to get their asses handed to them.

Notorious Monsters (NMs) have arrived in Final Fantasy XIV and are raring to thrash even the hardiest of hunting parties, let alone newbies who haven’t geared up properly.

Imported from Final Fantasy XI, Notorious Monsters are hard-to-beat monstrosities that offer exclusive rewards when and if you down them. But don’t go thinking any simple zerg pile will work — these NMs have a built-in enrage timer that exponentially increase their power when you fail to kill them after 30 minutes.

For the best results, we advise buying FFXIV Gil at and purchasing the finest gear for your class. Every bit of help counts and gearing up ensures you get a decent shot against the NMs.

Three Notorius Monsters are on everyone’s must-kill list due to their special loot drop called Allagan runestones, which can be bartered for rare discipline-specific equipment. Think of a full Harlequin set like that worn by Joker’s girlfriend Harley Quinn for Discipline of Magic classes, or a Buccaneer attire ala Captain Jack Sparrow for Discipline of War classes.

Choose your foe well; you can first challenge Tarbh Uisge (pictured above), a buffalo the size of a woolly mammoth but with an insane streak after being subjected to magical torture.

There’s also Zanig’Oh, a hybrid drake infused with what seems to be equal parts rage juice and venom spite. Shown above are painful spikes attached to its legs that keep it in constant pain and in a pretty foul mood.

Lastly, the ferocious Deadeyes leads a gang of beasts and wolves that terrorize forest villages. He’s rumored to have red glowing eyes and a swift killer instinct.

Chances are you’ll fail at first try against these NMs, but just keep at it and continually search through the market wards for that next upgrade. will be here to back you up with cheap and safe FFXIV Gil. Check out the prices for your server here.