Bankroll your alts in Patch 4.0.3a with enough WoW Gold

Admit it, you have a problem. You can’t keep yourself from creating new characters especially now that we’re on the brink of The Shattering (aka Patch 4.0.3a), the last pre-Cataclysm patch where we also get a platoon of new playable alts.

More than a dozen new race-class combinations such as the troll druid and the dwarf shaman will become available soon. And for those of you with a streak of altoholism, it’s easy to forget about what comes after the heirloom gear.

By the time you’ve hit level 80 (and it does go by so fast nowadays what with the Dungeon Finder and lowered xp caps!), your heirloom gear will be shoved into the bank. That’s when you’ll be scrounging for WoW Gold.

The better route is to invest early and big. has great prices for WoW Gold now so you can buy in bulk and your alts have enough until the end-game.

Also, bankrolling your alt from level 1 will make the journey all the more enjoyable. You can buy a few blue and purple gear to your belf warrior tank help avoid wipes. Or if you’re more the PvP type, you can match even the most hardcore twinks with a few select purchases at the auction house.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to treat an alt less than your “main.” Just think about it–when you plan to spend yet another six weeks on your alt, wouldn’t you want to have fun doing it?

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