Why you shouldn’t even think about farming WoW Gold in Cataclysm

It’s a simple, multi-universal fact: Farming is one of the most boring activities in World of Warcraft.

Farming WoW Gold, in fact, won’t be worth the effort once the new Cataclysm expansion goes live. Don’t believe me? Well, read on to see why the traditional grind will be the very definition of un-fun:

1. You’ll get little sleep. Farming WoW Gold takes time, a lot of time, in fact. The newest level 85 epics won’t just magically appear in your backpack. You’ll have to work for them by chaining dungeon runs, which can take up your typical 2 hours of playtime after work or school. So where does Gold farming for gems, enchants, mounts and BoE epics fit in?

Well, that’ll come out of your sleeping time. Farming Gold will most likely keep you up in the wee hours of the night, competing with others in crowded grinding spots. Sure, you say, the higher level mobs will drop bigger WoW Gold amounts. But the costs of items will shoot up as well in Cataclysm. It’s like keeping up with the Joneses, but with deeper eyebags.

2. Less time for exploration. Cataclysm brings with it a wealth of new regions and quests to explore. But you won’t have the luxury to enjoy it once the farming bug kicks in. The only mobs you’ll be interested in finding are the ones with the best drops, and you’ll plan daily quest runs that even a robot will find dull. Farming forces you to see the world as a giant problem, and the solution is how to get the best WoW Gold in an hour. We don’t think that’s the best way to play the game so why not buy WoW Gold instead?

3. Leveling will be slow. Pity your new toons. Farming will eat up so much of your time that that Worgen and Goblin alt you’ve been meaning to roll will be stuck in level 1. Unless you have BoA heirlooms and WoW Gold for leveling gear, you’ll also spend more hours than necessary bringing your new toon to the end-game.

4. It’s an all-around pain. Pain in the wrist for all that orchestrated clicking. Pain for your virtual friends since you’ll be unavailable for world PvP and cooperative questing. And pain for your relaxation time because your playtime becomes work time in every sense of the word.

5. It’s unnecessary. This takes the cake on why you shouldn’t even be thinking of farming WoW Gold in the first place. Why farm for WoW Gold when you can get it for cheap, by the thousands, and whenever you want.

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