Five Tips When Buying WoW Gold for Cataclysm

If you’ve logged on to World of Warcraft these days, you’d know things are going crazier by the minute: Elementals running amok. Cultists plotting mass murder. Earthquakes shaking the screen every five minutes.

That’s because Cataclysm is only a month away and Blizzard is setting the stage for the destructive return of Deathwing.

Battle-ready adventurers are not only preparing their rations — they’re filling up on WoW Gold, too. WoW Gold is super important since it allows you to buy level 85 raiding gear and epic flying mounts right away. So if you’re planning to skip the grind and buy WoW Gold instead, here are five tips to keep those purchases hassle-free.

Stock up early to avoid the rush

WoW Gold will be harder to get as we get closer to the December 7 launch date. Thousands of new players will be flooding the game and ordering massive amounts of WoW Gold from so you better line up to avoid the rush and the inevitable price hikes.

Plan a WoW Gold budget

Although there’s little to go along now on what must-have items will be sold in Cataclysm, you can still set a reasonable enough goal for how to spend your WoW Gold. For example, you can allocate 2,000 for the new epic flying skill and some mounts then 1,000 for new gems and enchants then 7,000 for epic armor and weapons. That’s 10,000 Gold for everything you’ll need to jump-start your Cataclysm adventures. Now, you can rest easy knowing you have every need accounted for.

Prioritize your main

You may ask — how do I go about making a budget? Well, the most efficient way to go about it is to prioritize your main character. This will be the character you want to level up to the max and use most often either for raiding or PvP. Other alts can come later once you’ve decked out your main in the best possible gear and items, because trust me it’s more fulfilling to have an awesome toon than many average ones.

Order by bulk

Once your budget is set, you should order WoW Gold by bulk. Ordering 1,000 Gold at a time can be a pain in the neck especially when it comes time to actually purchase those coveted, in-demand items. You wouldn’t want to have a favorite item slip away just because you didn’t have enough virtual cash for an instant buyout. Besides, has a full money back guarantee that assures fast, safe and complete delivery.

Take advantage of any promos and discounts.

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