Final Fantasy XIV version update fixes plus the Cataclysm system requirements

Final Fantasy XIV got off to a rocky start, but Square Enix is working double time to implement fixes, even giving us one-month free play so we can lounge about while the changes take root.

The first version update rolled out initial fixes last week, including the much-needed organization of market wards into specific item categories. Using reduced taxes as an incentive, Square Enix wants the community to sell their wares according to item type so everyone can have an easier time purchasing upgrades and raw materials.

But adoption to this change has been slow, and will probably pick up only after players get access to more than one retainer. Once item type segregation goes into full swing along with the planned search functionality, then you can buy FFXIV Gil and have a grand shopping time.

Other minor fixes that should alleviate some of the inconveniences plaguing the complaints board are:

  • targeting and selecting a retainer will automatically open their Bazaar (less mindless clicking)
  • party bonus awards more points when same-skilled teammates are around (faster skill leveling)
  • various bugs like retainers not appearing when summoned have been fixed (less hiccups)

The next round of improvements are scheduled for the late-October version update–that’s in a week!–so the best thing to do now is enjoy our extended free time and continue leveling those discplines.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm System Requirements

Meanwhile, Blizzard updated their Cataclysm system requirements for the game’s world-shattering third expansion. If you feel like your rig can already handle the performance heat, then you’ll be wise to at least upgrade your graphics card to see the new impressive cinematic intro in full detail.

The two-minute cinematic intro now available on YouTube shows the villainous dragon aspect Deathwing slapping on his armor plates before bursting out of his elemental realm, burning everything in his path. From the famed bridge of Auberdine, the Loch Modan dwarven dam, the zeppelin stations in the Barrens to the bastion capital of Stormwind–everything turns to molten rubble!

I can’t wait to buy WoW Gold and deck out my toons with the new raiding gear so I can put that nasty dragon in his place. (Although where that place is–and if he’ll fit–I still have to figure out.)