Cataclysm release date is Dec. 7 plus FFXIV organizes its market wards

The long speculation is over–we have a release date for the most explosive World of Warcraft expansion yet, and it’s December 7!

I’ll save you the trouble of flipping through the calendar. Cataclysm is 61 days away and will fall on a Tuesday. So if you’re planning to buy WoW Gold, then now’s a good time as any to stock up for Cataclysm gear and raiding.

History buffs also pointed out that the Dec. 7 launch coincides with the commemoration  on the brutal attack of Pearl Harbor. Given that Cataclysm is pretty much all about explosions and mayhem, some players feel it was insensitive of Blizzard to choose the day to unleash Deathwing.

But I think there’s really no disrespect from Blizzard here. I doubt they brainstormed over the launch date and said, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to reference Cataclysm to the one of the worst attacks on US soil?”

More likely, it just happened that Dec. 7 is the best date to catch publicity before all the new MMOs slated for 2011 hit the shelves and get as much share of the pre-Christmas dollars as they can.

Much more worrying for me is the dilemma on what to level first: a rogue goblin or a worgen druid. While I give some more thought to that (including budgeting my WoW Gold between leveling gear and profession skill-ups), let’s move on to Eorzea where there’s a major fixin’ afoot.

Since launching a few days ago, Fina l Fantasy XIV gamers have had the chance to play through the eighteen classes available under the Armoury system. Most have an idea already of what main class to level so the next logical step is to equip them with cool weapons.

The problem is that the current market wards (shown above c/o an Eorzeapedia forum poster) don’t allow easy browsing of items for sale from other players. You literally spend an hour searching for an upgrade by clicking through the hundreds of player-controlled retainers peddling their wares in the market wards.

Luckily, Square Enix is rolling out with improvements in the coming weeks:

“We have continued to receive copious amounts of feedback regarding changes that players would like to see made to the market system. As a result, we are planning a number of revisions and additions to the system, the first of which are scheduled to be implemented in the next one to two weeks.

Specifically, market wards will be organized according to specific item types, making it easier to consolidate similar items in the same area. Further, if an item sold within a ward corresponds to that wards’ item type, the tax incurred will be reduced. Items not of that ward’s category may still be sold, but the tax imposed will remain the same as it has up until now.

The list of proposed item type market wards number more than 140, which goes to show just how in-depth the item system (and relatedly, the crafting system) is in the game.

Of course nothing still beats the Google-easy search functionality we’ve grown accustomed to in other MMOs, but this is a huge leap of improvement. Just hoping they get this market ward improvement fast so I can earn more FFXIV Gil from my hard-earned Synthesis successes!