Final Fantasy XIV debuts to eager fans plus get smashed in Brewfest

Eager beavers rejoice! If you gave in to the gaming itch and pre-ordered a Final Fantasy XIV Collector’s Edition, you can now enter Hydaelyn and have a week to get ahead in leveling your leve-toting hero.

Not that the rest of us can’t catch up. It’s just going to be hard given that these same guys who pre-ordered the CE also took a few days off work or school to play the game three days straight without sleep. Yeah that sounded like envious whining, but I’m sucking it up now because they coughed up the dough for advanced access fair and square.

Besides, in a week’s time (Sept. 30 to be exact) we standard pre-order folks can get in on the action ourselves. I’ll finally get to find out just how long I can play before the Fatigue system tells me to switch up my chosen Discipline.

I know Square Enix developers have clarified already in so many words that the dreaded Fatigue does not gimp long session gamers, but I’m curious to test the limit just for the fun of it.

If you’re like me and don’t want to be spoiled by the thousands of YouTube videos bound to pop up soon, you can also pass the time by reading through the Final Fantasy XIV help guides, and plan how much FFXIV Gil you plan to buy.

There’s the new Lodestone official information site filled with random announcements plus a developer Prelive FAQ on hot button issues like how action bars transition in between Discipline class changes. Soon, they’ll also be posting the ultimate guides on earning FFXIV Gil. (Haha, we wish)

Getting Smashed in Brewfest

Meanwhile, I’m spending a jolly good time in the latest World of Warcraft holiday event: Brewfest 2010.

There’s plenty of frothy beer to go around and it’s leaving all the races–not just the usual rambunctious dwarves and goblins–a bit intoxicated. (Don’t forget to buy WoW Gold for barmaid tips!) The designated hangouts are just outside of Ironforge and Orgrimmar, where after downing a mug of ale you can saddle up and race for Brewfest Prize Tokens.

Redeemable items include the Brewfest Regalia, a costume that no draenei or tauren should ever ever wear. On second thought, go flaunt it, everyone else will have smashed vision anyway.